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As a divorce coach, people ask me all the time if I’m pro-divorce. I’m NOT pro-divorce. I AM passionate about helping you make the best possible decision for yourself, whether that means staying together, waiting with intention, or getting a divorce. Talking things through and coming up with a strategy helps to make the process more manageable, and ultimately more successful. I'll work with you to sort through your goals, emotions, and values so that you can make rational, well-thought-out decisions you'll look back on with pride.

According to the American Association of Adolescent and Child Psychiatry, the change brought on by divorce itself does not have a detrimental effect on children. It is the conflict and intense negative emotions often associated with divorce that cause harm. As a divorce coach, I'll help you create a conflict-free zone for your kids as everyone adjusts to their new normal. I'll help you determine what’s appropriate to say to your children during the process, and what respectful co-parenting communication sounds like. These skills and strategies help lower the conflict of divorce and protect your children, even if you have a difficult spouse.

The judicial system focuses on the business of divorce rather than emotional justice, leaving you struggling to think rationally during a time of emotional turmoil. As a divorce coach, I'll help you gain clarity on your goals, priorities, fears, and concerns, so that you are a well-prepared and credible client for your attorney, saving you time and money. I'll help you move from “reacting emotionally” to “responding intentionally,” so that you are confident, focused, and prepared to discuss the business of divorce. Together, we'll prioritize the decisions that have the greatest impact on your future and create an action plan that aligns with your values and needs.

As a DCA certified pre-mediation divorce coach™, I'll help you with the logistics of mediation, including understanding the mediation process, developing skills for successful engagement, developing different proposal options, and intentional decision-making. But logistics aren’t the only critical part of mediation. I also help my clients identify and overcome any fears, emotional triggers, and possible internal barriers. My clients go into mediation confident and prepared!

Together we can identify your hot buttons and triggers, and practice skills that will help lower the temperature of difficult conversations. You'll be better able to respond proactively rather than reactively, allowing you to feel more in control of interactions with your spouse and decisions you make.

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